Please note: Places are limited and sold on a first come, first served basis.

Helping other people to paint and tap into their creativity gives me almost as much pleasure as painting itself. It is my absolute joy to host my painting and creativity workshops in a variety of locations here in Ireland and overseas. As a (mostly) self-taught painter, I am living proof that anyone can paint! I have made all the mistakes so those who come to my sessions don’t have to! I sometimes describe my classes as ‘Painting for the Petrified’ as they tend to demystify and remove the fear around the creative process and painting! You can see the results for yourself in my Class of 2019 Gallery HERE!


My classes are open to EVERYONE – beginners, re-beginners, experienced painters and those hoping to loosen up or explore new painting styles. I release my workshop dates directly to my mailing list, so please do sign up (at the bottom of this page) to receive new information and dates directly to your inbox.

This workshop teaches participants how to abstract elements of the landscape and create their own painterly response. Through a series of fun and stimulating exercises, you will learn how to approach landscape painting in a fresh and creative manner while tapping into and developing your own intuitive painting style.

Participants will take home 2-4 completed paintings, renewed confidence in their painting ability and lots of new skills to help them begin, work through and complete great paintings. Comprehensive Follow-On notes will ensure you can hit the ground running when you return home.

Who is it for:  Open to absolute beginners and those with a little or a lot of painting experience (in any medium!). The only thing you really need for this class is an open mind and a willingness to have fun while painting.

What is included:   

  • 2 days of intense painting tuition to help you create your own unique paintings in response to landscape.
  • All materials including acrylic paints, inks, mixed media and a variety of mediums*
  • 2 X great quality canvasses and all paper supports*
  • All tools, brushes and palette knivesAll you need to bring is yourself!
  • Guided demo’s developed in response to your requirements
  • Lots of  1-2-1 tuition and  support structured to your specific needs
  • Plenty of learning resources including an extensive library
  • A great, yum, nutritious lunch
  • Unlimited refreshments and snacks
  • Comprehensive Follow-On notes filled with  LOTS of online and offline resources and structured guidance on everything from colour management, to how to start and stop!

Please note: A key aim of this workshop is to help painters to loosen their painting style. If you want to create a photo-realist likeness this is not the workshop for you.

*NOTE: All materials are artist quality and valued at over €150 per participant. We are having fun but we are NOT messing around!

Nerd Note: In this workshop we  work in layers, so we use acrylic paints to speed-up drying time. We also use glaze layers to mimic the quality of oils. This technique has been known to convert / blow the minds of committed oil painters!! If this sounds like gobbledegook to you, don’t worry, yer grand!


My Level 2 Workshops are a Follow-On class designed specifically to help my students nurture and further develop their own painting practice while exploring oil paints and cold wax medium.

My  Level 2 Workshops have been created to help my students nurture and further develop their own painting practice while exploring oil paints and cold wax medium. The aim of these intense 3-day sessions is to help you delve into your area(s) of curiosity, hone your skills and deepen your painting practice to ultimately develop  your own unique painting collection.

Who is it for: Designed with the end-user in mind, this  ‘Master’ Class  follows on from my Level 1 Workshops,  affording each student ample and specific 1-2-1 tutorage to address and resolve any challenges they are experiencing with their work. The emphasis is on distilling the essence of your work and developing  your unique painting ‘language’.

This workshop has already proven to be a ‘game changer’ for many – with several participants going on to  have their own exhibitions with great success.

As per all workshops, you will laugh a lot and get a little (or a lot)  messy! You will  also take home completed paintings, a reinvigorated painting practice,   a whole new skill set (oils and cold wax!), oodles of ideas to take forward and a clear plan for completing your own body of work.

What’s included:   

  • 3 days of intense painting tuition to help you develop your own painting style with a view to creating your own collection
  • All materials including acrylics, oils, cold wax, mixed media and solvents (bring your own canvas to this session).
  • Guided demo’s developed in response to your requirements
  • Lots of  1-2-1 tuition and  support structured to your specific needs
  • Plenty of learning resources including an extensive library
  • A great, yum, nutritious lunch every day
  • Unlimited refreshments and snacks
  • Structured Follow-On notes filled with resources on everything you will need to complete your first painting collection.
Painting with Cora = Massive learning curve! Heaps of hints, tips and teaching! Never ending enthusiasm and so much fun. Massive confidence boost and now able to show my work with pride! Thoroughly recommend.

Vicky Chalk, Painting Workshop, Italy 2019
I have taken weekend and week long workshops with Cora. She helped me find my inner artist despite many years of being told, and believing, I couldn’t paint’

Karen, Cork
In a relaxed yet structured two day course, Cora taps into your inner creative ability through informative tutorials and creative exercises. A fun-filled atmosphere with loads of laughter and very messy painting – she gives you the confidence to find the artist within you. Outstanding value for money with an abundance of materials at your disposal, I couldn’t recommend her workshops highly enough. For sure, a highlight of my 2019

Cathal, Abstracting the Landscape, Cork, Oct. 2019
I came to Cora’s workshop as a distraction (from grief) and was quickly transported to a new peaceful place with a new artistic language. I took Level 1 & 2 before attending the 2019 Summer School in Italy – it has been transformational. I have had 3 solo exhibitions and now feel confident to call myself an artist in my own right

Khadija, London
 Cora’s enthusiasm for painting is infectious! Her encouraging teaching style means you absorb all the hints and tips without even realising it. Her workshops are friendly, fun filled experiences that seem to attract the most wonderful people. When you leave you just cannot wait to pick up that palette knife again, and again and again!

Fiona, Sligo